Meeting venues

There are a large variety of meeting venues in Kungsbacka.

You can choose one where everything is arranged for you to have a luxurious, enjoyable and inspiring experience - such as in the Fyren culture house and in the Kungsbacka theatre - or you can choose to create your own special experience in the activity house, in the local sporting facility or in a rehearsal facility.

Hire a venue

If you want to hire a meeting venue, a party venue or a sporting venue, you are welcome to contact the municipality's association services at 0300-83 42 16,

More information about reserving a venue (in Swedish)

More about some of our meeting places

Read more about Fyren Culture House here

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The Electron
Here, there is a café, an arts & crafts workshop, a media and music studio, a DJ room, meeting facilities and an event hall with a stage. The Electron is located at Industrigatan 2a in Kungsbacka.

The Electron offers a wide selection of activities. Here, you can arrange recordings, discos, lectures, and much more. If you are interested in film, photography, art or music production, there are facilities and staff to assist you.

At The Electron, there are also planned activities for young people who have turned 13 years of age.

If you want to know more about what you can do, you are welcome to contact us at The Electron.

Read more about the The Electron (in Swedish)

The Proton
The Proton is a youth-driven locale where activities are created by young people.  Here, there are several different youth groups with a variety of different interests.

Here, you will find Kungsbacka's young people's council, the Book Café, Young Art and Kungsbacka's FF. Here, there is both an art & crafts workshop and a music studio. Young people can borrow different rooms for different types of events, meetings or other activities.

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Activity places
Activity places are also known as local sporting facilities and they are located in various residential areas.  Primarily children and young people can be physically active there by playing football, handball, floorball and basketball. At certain activity places there are skating ramps and areas for riding BMX bikes and using inline skates.

Courts for beach volleyball are available at several of the municipal beaches, and in connection with certain exercise trails, it is possible to train at an outdoor gym.

Here is a list of different activity places (in Swedish)

Rehearsal facilities
There are rehearsal facilities at several locations in Kungsbacka. Rehearsal facilities are run by a number of different organisations. Some rehearsal facilities are fully equipped, others have only PA equipment and others are hired out empty.

Information about the rehearal facilities, how they are equipped and what they cost to hire (in Swedish)