Citizens dialouge

In Kungsbacka, we have since long had a close cooperation with our citizens and we strive to find new ways for the citizens to come forward and influence society.

Councils, meetings, focus groups and surveys via the Kungsbacka e-panel are examples of citizens dialogues that we hold during the year. 

Everyone can participate in the e-panel - read more here (swedish)

We have had citizen dialogue in the following areas: 

  • Public transport
  • Future housing
  • Municipal premises
  • Customer service
  • Sports area Inlag
  • Kungsbacka square
  • Safety
  • Outdoor life
  • Accessibility in municipal sports and leisure facilities
  • Arts school
  • Kungsbacka 2020
  • Develop learning
  • Development of Åsa shopping centre 
  • Reception of the newly arrived
  • Future housing for seniors

Prerequisites for better results 

Earlier it was common for people to be members of political parties and associations. Then, it was too easy for the elected representatives to listen to the members and thus feel the pulse of the community.

Since today it is not as common for residents to be members of political parties, we are testing new forms of influence and participation in Kungsbacka in order to manage the challenges of our time and tap people’s commitment. 

The resident dialogue provides politicians and officials with the prerequisites for taking better decisions and better understanding the needs and possibilities of residents in the municipality.

Policy for resident dialogue 

In the autumn of 2014, the local government council adopted a policy for resident dialogue. The policy consists of the main principles that govern the work of resident dialogue in the municipality.

The main principles are:

  • The dialogue should be for real      
  • It should cover something important   
  • It should have the potential to provide results


Contact us

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