In English

There are three different waste subscriptions in Kungsbacka.

Matavfall blir biogas (Food waste becomes biogas)

You put your food waste in a separate bin and we collect it to make biogas. This subscription is cheapest because it is the most environmentally friendly alternative.

Varmkompost (Compost for food waste)

You put your food waste in a special container in your garden.

Osorterat avfall (Unsorted waste)

You put your food waste together with other waste in your green bin.

Better for the environment

If you choose the waste subscription Matavfall blir biogas, your food waste will be made into biogas and used as an environmentally friendly fuel for vehicles. Biogas is already used as fuel for garbage trucks and buses in Kungsbacka.

Piece of cake

It is easy to sort out your food waste. Use the paper bags and the holder you receive together with your new brown bin. They are made for good ventilation to avoid bad odors.

Sort it correctly

To be able to make biogas from your food waste you have sort it correctly. It is important that only food waste ends up in the brown paper bag.