Housing Office

If you need to rent a flat, you can apply at the municipal housing office. There, you can be placed on the housing queue, see where there are vacant flats, and register your interest in vacant flats.

Property owners who have a contract with the municipal housing office register the flats they have for rent with the office. Everything takes place through an IT system where those who are registered on the housing queue note their interest in the residences.

The Housing Office's IT system is only available in Swedish. If you have questions about the housing office and how you register, contact the municipal customer centre Kungsbacka Direct. You can find contact information for them below.

Register with the Housing Office

You register with the Housing Office via bostadsformedling.kungsbacka.se. Here, you register information about who you are, how many will be living in the residence, your income, etc. You can also choose which area you especially want to live in, as well as what size residence you would like and what amount of rent you wish to pay. If you choose to subscribe to the service, you will be sent notices about vacant flats via email when there is a vacant residence with the features you desire.

Every day that you are registered with the service, you earn a point in the queue. You can view your current point tally when you log in to the IT system. When you click on a flat, you see the highest points tally among those who have registered their interest in this flat. The length of time it takes to get a flat depends upon the area you are applying for and what type of flat you desire.


There are three different fees in order to be registered with the housing office:

  1. You pay a registration fee of 500 kronor when you place yourself on the queue. When it is paid, you can begin to register your interest in our residences. The fee must be paid within 30 days from the date you registered yourself in the system, or your registration will be removed.
  2. Each year that you are registered as an applicant on the queue, you pay an annual fee of 300 kronor (which begins one year after your initial registration date). You receive information that a payment is due 60 days prior to the anniversary of your application as well as a further reminder on the day of the anniversary. If no payment is registered 30 days after the anniversary, your information is erased and your application is removed.
  3. If you are granted a flat through the Housing Office, you need to pay 800 kronor as an administration fee.

Read more information about rules and regulations for the Housing Office (in Swedish)

If you have questions

You are welcome to contact the municipal customer centre on telephone number 0300-83 40 00 or via email: info@kungsbacka.se.

You can also visit the customer centre in the city hall entrance; we will be happy to demonstrate how the IT system works, how you register, and how you search for accomodation through this system.