Urgent technical help

Fault reports for water, sewage, streets, roads and street lighting

During city hall's opening hours: +46(0)300-83 40 00
Other times, on-call service phone: +46(0)300-708 80

Information on water leaks is published on the first page of this website no later than three hours after the leak has been reported.

On-call emergency for sludge suction

If you need emergency help with sludge suction on your own property, weekdays after 4.30pm as well as on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, you must look up contact information for a contractor by yourself.

Reporting problems with a municipal property

In cases of emergency fault or damage, phone during office hours on 0300-83 44 44, and our on-call emergency telephone during other hours on 0300-708 80.

Reporting problems about Electricity and Heating

E.ON Electrical Services, Sweden AB around the clock on 020-88 00 22
Ellevio around the clock on 020-44 11 00 or send an email tokundservice@ellevio.se
Remote Heating (Fjärrvärme) at Statkraft Värme around the clock on 0300-56 24 00

Fire Brigade and Emergency Services

Fire extinguishing or other rescue services in emergency situations, phone 112
In non-emergency situations, 031-335 26 00

In case of fire
Rescue - whoever you can without putting your own life at risk and warn others of the fire.
Alarm - describe what has happened, what telephone number you are phoning from and where the help is needed.
Extinguish - fires that are discovered in time can be extinguished easily. Learn where fire extinguishing equipment is located and how to use it.