Starting a company

You can read more about how to start your own business in Sweden at

Kungsbacka Municipality works to support and stimulate entrepreneurship and to create the conditions for vital new companies. Consequently, we would like to give you some tips on where you can turn to get information on what you should think about to realise your business ideas.

Business Region Göteborg

Business Region Göteborg (BRG) offers a large network within entrepreneurship. Here, you can present your business idea, have a sounding board and get advice - completely free of charge.

Business Region Göteborg (English website)

Entrepreneurship guide

You can search information on rules and laws, access smart services and get practical tips on the website  Here, you can find tools and e-services from several authorities gathered in one place. (English website)


At Coompanion Halland, you can get support if you want to realise the dream of starting a company together. Coompanion has expertise in cooperative enterprise and works with companies in every industry.

Coompanion (English website)