Abuse and addiction

If you yourself or someone close to you has a problem with abuse, there is help to be found. The adult unit investigates if there is a need for care or treatment.

If you have a problem with abuse or are related to someone who has an abuse problem contact the Adult Unit helpdesk on 0300-835331 if you wish to apply for help or are concerned that someone close to you is abusing. You can remain anonymous if you so desire.

If you or the person you are concerned about is under 18 years of age, please contact the helpdesk for children and young people, 0300-834889.

Turning point

Turning point is a conversation surgery for adults and young people who have a problem with alcohol and/or narcotics. Turning point even offers support to those who are related to abusers.

Contact Turning Point:
Telephone: 0300-83 42 21, 0300-83 39 41, 0300-83 39 62

Leave a urine sample
In our premises at Borgmästaregatan 7B, we conduct supervised urine tests, following a decision from a social welfare secretary or on behalf of the outpatient unit for abuse and addiction.

These are the times when you can leave a sample: 
Mondays and Thursdays 3:00pm - 4:30pm

Treatment Group Gjutaren

Gjutaren's group treatment is clearly structured treatment with scheduled activities three mornings a week.

In order to begin in the treatment group Gjutaren, a decision made by a social welfare secretary at the adult unit must be made in accordsnce with social service law. Apply through contacting the adult unit at, 0300-83 53 31.

Contact us 

Telephone: 0300-83 51 22, 0300-83 39 47, 0300-83 39 49, 0300-83 43 10