New in Sweden

For those who are new in Sweden 

Here, we have gathered information about what the municipality can offer you if you have been granted permanent residency status in Sweden.

Kungsbacka municipality is responsible for:

  • seeing to it that you find somewhere to live  if you have been assigned to the municipality 
  • that you are provided SFI teaching, Swedish for Immigrants 
  • that you are provided with a course in societal orientation
  • that your children are provided with schooling. This also applies to children of asylum-seekers.


SFI teaching is adapted to your previous knowledge of Swedish and your education in your home country.

More information about SFI

Societal orientation

The courses in societal orientation contain information about Sweden's laws and rules, democracy and how Swedish governmental authorities function. Courses are taught in your mother tongue.

More information about social orientation

Language Café

At the Fyren library, you can practice speaking Swedish. On Tuesdays, from 16 - 17:30, you can meet people who speak Swedish as their mother tongue. This is free of charge. 

You can find more information about these times here on the library's website or in the municipality's calendar of events, look up "språkcafé" (Language Café).

More information about Language Café (in Swedish)

What to do in Kungsbacka

Read our monthly newsletter about activities and more:

New to Sweden, March

Youth in Kungsbacka

Young people in Kungsbacka receive support and advice about everything to do with their leisure time. 

More information about Youth in Kungsbacka  

Refugee Guide/Language Friend 

The municipality helps those who are new in Sweden to meet Swedish people. 

More information about Refugee Guide/Language Friend

More information

Below you can find links to various authorities, networks for business and further information about Kungsbacka in your mother tongue. - about Kungsbacka municipality in your mother tongue

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