Education in Swedish for Immigrants - SFI

Swedish teaching for immigrants is a basic education in the Swedish language for those who do not have Swedish as a mother tongue. There are courses with various orientations, paces of study, and language levels. The course that you should begin with is determined together with staff at the Competence Centre (Kompetenscentrum); the study and career guidance office. Goals, previous experience, and educational background contribute to the decision about which course you should attend.

Who may study?

If you are are registered as a resident in Kungsbacka municipality and lack basic knowledge in Swedish you may study SFI within adult education from the time that you turn 16 years old.

What does it cost?

The teaching is free of charge. You won’t receive any study grants when you study Swedish, but newly registered refugees may receive introduction benefits to help them study. If you are receiving financial benefits from, for example, the employment office or through unemployment insurance, you must contact your case worker before you begin studying.

SFI has three different courses of study

There are three different courses of study at SFI. The choice of course of study depends upon such things as the educational background and the study goals you have. Together with a study and career guidance counsellor, the course of study that suits you is determined. The courses start regularly during the term.

Swedish courses for immigrants are available at several different levels:

1. Swedish teaching for immigrants, SFI 
2. Swedish as a second language, SAS 
3. Swedish at the upper secondary level, Swedish 1, 2, and 3


You can apply for SFI by making a personal visit to the Competence Centre's study and career guidance office. If you are applying for the first time, please bring a valid identification card or passport.


You do not need to book an appointment in order to apply for SFI since we have drop-in hours. You can find opening hours on the Competence Centre's website.

Guidance Counselling

At the Competence Centre's study and career guidance office, you will also be provided the opportunity to discuss your continued studies as well as to plan your continued vocational/professional career. You will find help to assess and evaluate the studies and professional/career experiences from your home country. You can also receive help to apply for other courses within adult education while you study SFI or Swedish at a higher level.

You can read more about the Competence Centre and find their opening hours and contact information on their website (in Swedish)