Urgent social assistance

For urgent social problems during the city hall opening hours, you can call:

  • Helpdesk for children and youth, 0300-83 48 89 
  • Helpdesk for the adult unit, for issues pertaining to abuse or violence in close relationships, 0300-83 53 31
  • Helpdesk for financial support, 0300-83 42 97

For urgent social problems during other times, contact:

On-call social help in Gothenburg 031-365 87 00

  • Monday from 6:00pm until 8:00am the following day
  • Tuesday to Thursday, from 4:30pm to 8:00am the following day
  • Friday from 3:00pm to Monday morning at 8:00am

The day before a holiday as well as Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and Midsummer's Eve, from 3:00pm to 8:00am the nearest following weekday


In emergency situations, 112
In non-emergency situations, 035 - 211 480

When you phone 112, you will reach SOS Alarm. You must then explain what has happened, where it has happened, and what telephone number you are phoning from.

Medical Care Hotline

Phone 1177, or if you have an account with Mina Vårdkontakter (My Health Care Contacts), you may ask your questions there.


In case of emergency illness, 112

In non-emergency situations, weekdays from Monday-Friday, phone your nearest district doctor's office or a private doctor's office.

Other hours, 0300-56 50 00

Fire Brigade and Emergency Services

Fire extinguishing or other rescue services in emergency situations, phone 112
In non-emergency situations, 031-335 26 00

In case of fire
Rescue - whoever you can without putting your own life at risk and warn others of the fire.
Alarm - describe what has happened, give the telephone number you are phoning from and say where help is needed.
Extinguish - fires that are discovered in time can be extinguished easily. Learn where fire extinguishing equipment is located and how to use it.


In emergency situations, 112

In non-emergency situations, 114 14

Sea Rescue Services

In emergency situations, 112

In non-emergency situations, 114 14

Bris - Children's help telephone contact

If you are up to 18 years of age, you can phone Bris on 116 111.

Crime victim emergency, on-call

The crime victim emergency service offers support to victims of crime, as well as support in court. It is best to reach us daily from 10:00am – 12:00pm on the following telephone number, 0300-83 48 40.

At other times you can phone us at our central telephone centre in Stockholm; they in turn will contact us. Their telephone number is: 0200 - 21 20 19.

Church emergency on-call services

Church emergency on-call services 031-80 06 50

Red Cross

Red Cross 0771-900 800

Important Messages to the General Public - VMA

The VMA siren consists of a 7 second sound and 14 seconds of silence; this is repeated several times. The siren is used as a warning in case of danger. When the VMA siren sounds, go indoors, close the doors, windows and vents, and listen to your local radio broadcast.