Warning siren

If a serious accident that threaten's people's health and safety occurs, the fire brigade and emergency services can activate a warning siren to sound from sirens situated at various locations around the municipality.

When you hear the siren, you should

  • Go indoors
  • Close doors, windows, and vents 
  • Listen to the radio and look for information here at kungsbacka.se

When the danger is over, the "Danger is over" signal will sound, a 30 - 40 second long sound from the sirens.

The warning siren is tested four times per year

The warning siren is called Important Message to the General Public and is abbreviated VMA. The VMA signal is tested at 3:00pm, on the first Monday of the month (when Monday is not a holiday) during March, June, September and December. This powerful sound can be heard from the sirens at these points in time.

On the same days, at 7:00pm, tests of the so-called RDS receivers in Åsa and Frillesås - which are part of the inner preparedness zones around Ringhals nuclear power plant - are carried out, The tests set the RDS receivers in operation and send out information.