Compulsory schools

In Kungsbacka, you can choose between municipal and independent schools with different emphases.

All schools have their own websites with information especially for schools and contact information. You can find the websites via the link All schools in Kungsbacka.

All schools in Kungsbacka (in Swedish)

Choice of school

At our municipal schools, there is always a place for children who reside in the school's catchment area. Guardians who wish to, have the freedom to choose another municipal school, an independent school, or a school in another municipality.

When it is time for the child to begin school, the school will send information and a form for choice of school for every child within the school's catchment area. The parent or guardian should then send the form back to the school, or, if another school is wanted, to that school instead.

If you want to choose one of the independent schools in the municipality, contact them to apply for a place.

If you want to change schools, send in a form to the school you would like your child to enrol in. 

If you are moving to the municipality of Kungsbacka, then contact the office of the school you wish your child to attend and send in the choice of school form there. 

To select or change school, or after-school centre, please fill in this form:

Changning schools and leisure time centres

Here you will find more information about choice of school (in Swedish). 

Our customer centre can help you fill out the forms.