In Kungsbacka Municipality, there are more than 70 municipal preschools. There are also several independent preschools. You can find all of our preschools and links to their own websites via the link Preschools in Kungsbacka.

Preschools in Kungsbacka (in Swedish)

Apply for a place in preschool or with a child day care provider

Send in your application no earlier than six months before you need a place in a preschool or with a child day care provider. Within four months from the time that we have received your application, we will offer you a place for your child. You can apply for a place by filling in the forms below.


If your child is placed in a public preschool, after-school centre or in educational care, you need to inform the municipality your working hours and the child's time in care, by filling in this form:


Leave your family's income information by filling in this form:

Income report

If you need help filling in any of these forms, please contact the citizens' advice bureau at +46(0)300-83 40 00 during our opening hours or use the contact form below.

Here, you will find e-services and forms, as well as more information about application (in Swedish)


Children between 1 - 6 years old can be offered a place in preschool or with a child day care provider. In order to receive a place in a preschool or with a child day care provider, in other words pedagogical care, the following conditions must apply:

  • Parents/Guardians must be working, studying, be on parental leave or be actively seeking employment. 
  • The child has their own need for preschool services.
  • Parents/Guardians reside or are permanently staying within the municipality. 
  • Children between 3 to 5 years old, whose guardians are home and taking out childcare allowances for younger children have the right to 15 hours per week in preschool or with a child day care provider.

Notice of termination of place

The notice period required to terminate a place at a preschool, child day care, or after-school care facility is 30 calendar days. Notice of termination shall be given in writing. Fees shall continue to be collected even during the period of time when notice of termination has been given.


Within Kungsbacka municipality, there are three rates for child care:

  • the rate for children placed in preschool/pedagogical care who are 1 - 5 years of age
  • the rate for children from 3 - 5 years of age in general preschool 
  • the rate for school children from 6 - 12 years of age in after-school care, after-school clubs, and pedagogical care. 

You pay a fee 12 months of the year. That is to say, even during holidays or other times the child is away from the school.

Public preschool

All children are entitled to attend public preschool as of the autumn term of the year they turn three years old. At public preschool, children are offered educational activities in the form of 15 hours of preschool per week. It does not cost anything when your child participates in public preschool.

To apply for a place in public preschool, fill out the same forms as you would for applying to preschool. You can find the forms above.