Nature and outdoor life

Nature Reserves

There are many nature reserves in the municipality that protect the most valuable natural areas. Here you will find Sweden's first marine nature reserves, Kungsbacka Fjord and several reserves close to the ocean. There are also reserves in the inland forests.

Here, you can find links to information about every reserve (in Swedish)

Hiking trails and outdoor walking areas

Kungsbacka has fantastic hiking trails in magnificent countryside. Walk in one of the nature reserves and experience everything from vast heather moors, to coastlines, to delicate beech woods.

Here, you can find links to information about these areas (in Swedish)


There are four bicycle trails through Kungsbacka; Kattegattleden, Cykelspåret, Sverigeleden och Nordsjöleden (North Sea Cycle Route).

Read more about the bicycle trails here (in Swedish)


Around Kungsbacka, there are over 20 waterways and lakes where you can try your luck at fishing. This requires a fishing licence for the various waterways. Many of these can be purchased at the tourist office where you can also obtain more information. 

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