Swimming and bathing

Kungsbacka Swimming Pool

Kungsbacka's Swimming Pool is a family-friendly swimming centre with a 25 metre pool, a teaching and splashing pool, a water slide, a jacuzzi, a sauna, a gym and a cafeteria.

An entrance fee must be paid regardless of whether you swim or only accompany a swimmer. Exceptions apply to those who are escorts for people with disabilities, proof of which must be shown to the cashier.

Opening hours and fees (in Swedish)

Contact us

Kungsbacka Swimming Pool
0300-83 46 41, 83 46 44

Visiting address
Kungsbacka Sportcenter
Gymnasiegatan 1
434 50 Kungsbacka

Fjärås Swimming Pool

In the Fjärås Swimming Pool, there is a 25 metre pool, a splashing pool, a sauna and a gym. There is a great deal of free parking.

Children under the age of 10 may not stay in the swimming pool without a companion. The companion must be at least 18 years of age and able to swim.

An entrance fee must be paid whether you swim or only accompany a swimmer. Exceptions apply for escorts to the disabled, proof of which must be shown to the cashier.

Opening hours and fees (in Swedish)

Contact us

Fjärås Swimming Pool
Cashier and Café 0300-83 53 70

Visitor's Address
Klövervägen 1, Fjärås

Swimming School

The municipality's two swimming pools (Kungsbacka and Fjärås Swimming Pools) arrange swimming schools. When it is possible to register a child for the swimming school, there is a form on our website where you can register.

You can find current information on our swimming schools here (in Swedish)

If you want to register your child for swimming school or you have questions, you are welcome to send an e-mail to simskola@kungsbacka.se.

Kungsbacka Swimming Association also offers swimming schools at our swimming pools.

Bathing areas in the municipality

The municipality is responsible for many bathing areas; we install piers and ladders, we set out rubbish bins and we maintain toilets. We are also responsible for life-saving posts at the bathing areas.

Several bathing areas are maintained either partially or completely by a bathing association.

Here, you can find a listing of the bathing areas in the municipality (in Swedish)

Dogs and horses at the bathing areas
There is no formal prohibition against dogs at municipal bathing areas. It is, however, not allowed to take a dog out on a pier or a float. Keep in mind that your dog may not create inconvenience for human health or environment and always keep your dog on a lead.

For everyone's well-being, avoid riding your horse at the bathing area during bathing season.

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Culture and Recreation
Technical Services
0300-83 47 09