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Recreation assistants and youth producers can offer you support and guidance about your leisure time. You can contact them if you wish to seek help in finding a venue, applying for funds, or if you have a special recreational interest.

At the website (in Swedish) you will find everything about young people's recreational activities, tips about which events are going on or you can read reports and news articles about what other young people do in their free time. You can find locations or contact information for everyone who works with young people's recreational activities.

You will also find information on how to go about making your views known or how to change things in the municipality.

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Barbro Pays (Barbrobetalar)

Barbro Pays (Barbrobetalar) is for those of you who are between the ages of 14 and 20 and want to change something in the municipality.

It is the municipal forum that enables young people to have a say in things and really have an influence. With the assistance of Barbro Pays, young people can make suggestions for improvements in the municipality.

Make suggestions and vote
Once per term, there is a suggestion campaign. At that time, you can make suggestions on Barbro Pays' suggestion page, and then, afterwards, you can vote on those suggestions.  The suggestions that gain the most votes go on to a consultation stage with politicians and public officials in the municipality.

Search for funds
Do you want to find funding for a project or an activity together with others? Then you can apply for funding from the Barbro Pays' ATM.

Read more about Barbro Pays (in Swedish)

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Nedim Kirlic, Recreational Assistant
0300-83 78 50

Jacob Leuchovius, Recreational Assistant
0300-83 45 94