Facts about the municipality

More and more are moving to Kungsbacka

Kungsbacka is one of the most expansive municipalities in Sweden. A moderate commute to Gothenburg and a long coastline make Kungsbacka an attractive municipality to live in.

Town of Kungsbacka is small

The municipality is large in terms of area and most residents live along the long coastline in the western part of the municipality. The eastern part of the municipality is characterised by beautiful rolling agricultural landscapes, forests and lakes. The town of Kungsbacka has few residents compared with the rest of the municipality.

Borders to several municipalities

Kungsbacka Municipality is the northernmost municipality in Halland County. Kungsbacka borders on Gothenburg and Mölndal in the north, and Mark Municipality and Varberg in the east and south. European Highway 6, as well as the railway between Gothenburg and Malmö, runs straight through the municipality from north to south.

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Political governance

The liberal and conservative parties won the most seats in the municipal council in the 2014 election and are thereby in power in the municipality.


In september 2016, Kungsbacka Municipality had 80, 054 residents.

Kungsbacka is Sweden's 26th largest municipality in terms of population.