How you can impact your municipality

Submit a suggestion or point of view

You can get in touch with the customer centre Kungsbacka Direct at the city hall if you want to submit your viewpoint:

Contact the City Council

You can get in touch with one of the four city council representatives. They represent the Moderate Coalition, the Liberal Party, the Social Democratic Party, and the Centrist Party.

City Council (in Swedish)

Contact politicians

You can also contact one of approximately 300 politicians in our municipality. Their names, telephone numbers, and email addresses are found in the municipality's registry of trustees.

Registry of trustees (in Swedish)

Contact Administration

If you have practical questions about the municipality's services, you are welcome to contact the administration that is responsible for that issue.

Administrations (in Swedish)

Join the residents’ panel

If you are part of the residents’ panel, you can put forward your suggestions, ideas, and points of view by completing several surveys each year. The surveys are completed via the web or by telephone.

Join the residents’ panel (in Swedish)

Join Kungsbacka Youth Council

The youth council works towards making young voices heard in the municipality. The council sits in consultation with politicians and also takes care of funds that young people can apply for to carry out various projects.

Join the Kungsbacka Youth Council (in Swedish)

Submit suggestions to the Barbro Pays (Barbrobetalar) campaign

If you are a pupil in year 8 or year 9, or in upper secondary school, you can, for a two week period at the start of every term, submit suggestions about what you think can be improved in Kungsbacka municipality. You can then vote on the suggestions. The suggestions that get the most votes will be discussed with politicians in a consultation process.

Barbrobetalar (in Swedish)