International work

International work is important for Kungsbacka municipality, for several reasons. The distances in our world are shrinking, businesses can have departments and production facilities in several countries simultaneously, students travel and educate themselves in countries other than Sweden

Develop the municipality abroad

Experience of working abroad and being able to speak several languages are useful attributes to have when looking for a job, and therefore, they are good for the municipality's residents.

Working with internationalisation in the municipality of Kungsbacka supports and strengthens the municipality's work force, via cooperation with other countries, among other things.

This page offers insight into the municipality's network with other municipalities and countries, and will gradually present projects that are carried out in the municipality that are financed by the EU.

This impacts everything from businesses, schools, organisations, sports associations, senior accommodation, and so on. Everyone can benefit from this. International work provides us with access to a higher level of expertise for employees; the municipality's residents can develop and continue to learn new things throughout their lives.

Opportunities from international work

Opportunities from an EU project can also mean that personnel at a company or an organisation here in Kungsbacka can travel to another country in order to develop expertise, with the help of EU support.

This can, for example, be an EU financed project where pupils at an upper secondary school have an exchange with another school in another country. They can, for instance, have an internship in another country and even receive visitors themselves. This is done so that pupils can have access to knowledge and experience which in turn increases their chances of finding work after their education is complete.

Who knows how all of this is done?

Kungsbacka municipality has two international coordinators named Camilla Winter and Rebecca Cunevski. The coordinators' task is to assist and support the work of creating international contacts and exchanges on behalf of the municipality. The international coordinators has knowledge and networks for supplying the information needed, for example to start a project for continuing education.

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