The Kungsbacka municipality is an associate partner of the European organisation Eurocities, a well-established network of participants from 35 countries.

The municipality's goal with respect to participation in Eurocities is to find project partners, receive knowledge and exchange experiences, mainly in the area of digital development. It can, for instance, mean collaboration around how the municipality can include all residents in the increasing digital society, or how we can make open data available to the public.
In the end, it is about being able to provide better service to our residents.

The work carried out by the organisation is in line with the Kungsbacka municipality's international strategy and digitalisation efforts. These are run by the program Kungsbacka 2020 and are described in the eMålbild 2020 and Vision 2030.

About Eurocities

Eurocities was founded in 1986 and is a European organisation that communicates with and influences various institutions in EU. The purpose is to allow the cities to have their voice heard and thereby create good conditions for the residents.    

Eurocities has 130 large member cities and 40 small partner cities and municipalities from 35 different countries. Eurocities is divided in different thematic forums, for instance social issues, culture and environment. Kungsbacka has chosen the Knowledge Society Forum as it has a strong focus on, among others, digitalisation. Kungsbacka was accepted as an associate partner in October, 2016.

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