Kungsbacka 2020 - the municipality's work on digitalization

Kungsbacka 2020 is a generic name for the municipality's work on digitalization. It is a program that brings together city-wide initiatives and projects, all aimed at achieving the municipality's e-vision.  

Digitalization is advancing rapidly. The work on exploiting the potential of digital technologies in municipal activities has high priority and is run centrally. 

New e-services 

E-services create a simpler life for local residents. They provide a more transparent management and optimize municipal operations. Applying for childcare and changing the schedule digitally are two examples of the many e-services. More services are constantly being developed. 

A lot happens on the inside

The digitalization process, to a great extent, is invisible to the residents but ultimately aims to improve and streamline municipal services. It may, for instance, involve creating better digital platforms for document storage, collaboration and communication among municipal employees. Another example is the management system that compiles information and support services for people in decision-making.

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