Vision 2030

This vision is a beacon for the municipality's long-term development. It describes how we want the Kungsbacka municipality to be in the year 2030, and highlights key areas of development for the future.

The future grows in Kungsbacka 

Together we create the good life in Kungsbacka. We are open, secure and innovative. Each individual's potential is tapped and businesses flourish. Here you grow throughout life. 

Kungsbacka is a picturesque and dynamic growth municipality. Here everyone is equally welcome, and possibilities for development are good for both the individual and group, and for associations and companies.

The freedom of choice, diversity and quality of life that characterise the everyday life here constantly attract new residents. The growing power provides us with more resources for common welfare so that everyone can develop and live the good life throughout their life.

We are growing in the region by planning and building strategically. Society develops in a sustainable way: socially, ecologically and economically. We do not live on nature's resources.

Diversity, pulse and close to nature

Kungsbacka is a cohesive, green and easily accessible city with a distinct profile and individual identity. The city is growing and becoming a more prominent hub in the municipality. It offers attractive housing for all tastes, which meets the needs of different generations and life styles. Diversity is reflected in the inspiring building environment, which is a mix of tradition and innovation and offers a number of meeting places. The place offers a wide range of shops, culture and entertainment.

The city is easily accessible and well connected with the local districts and surroundings. Well-planned infrastructure and the easily accessible public transport minimize the environmental impact of transport.

Sea, open landscape and woodlands: we have maintained our fantastic natural environment so that even the future generations can benefit from the refreshing nature amidst the everyday life.

The city, country, trade, culture and nature attract tourists and visitors to the entire municipality.

Western Sweden's best corporate climate

Kungsbacka municipality is known for its excellent hospitality and is the obvious choice for companies wanting to establish themselves in Western Sweden. We have the best climate for entrepreneurs.

Here it is as natural to start a company as it is to be employed. The desire to become an entrepreneur is awakened already in school, and the collaboration between schools, academia and industry develop entrepreneurship throughout the municipality.

We develop throughout our life

In our schools, each and every student develops to his/her full capacity in a creative environment where everyone takes responsibility and cares for each other. All students leave school as competent and confident individuals with strong belief in the future.

Lifelong learning is self-evident. When we grow as individuals, both businesses and society develop at large. 

Activities that engage, inspire and enrich life

Here, everyone has opportunities for a rich recreational and cultural life that offers both breadth and cutting edge. A variety of activities, experiences and associations promote health, well-being and creativity. Enterprise, diversity and openness thrive in networks and associations.

We are involved in the development of society and make exciting things happen.

The innovative, quality municipality

Kungsbacka municipality meets challenges with courage, innovation and collaboration. We execute our projects in an innovative way, which exceeds the expectations of residents, and serves as a role model for others. People who work here are the ones who want to, who dare and who can.


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Fredrik Hansson, Mayor
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