Who does what in the municipality

Politicians decide what shall be done in the municipality, and those who are responsible for administration decide how those decisions shall be implemented.

Then, every municipal employee works with providing the services that the politicians have made decisions about to every resident and business, and they work in the manner that administrative management has determined.

This is how the municipality is organised

Kungsbacka municipality has, like all other municipalities in Sweden, a political organisation and an administrative organisation.

The political organisation consists of a municipal council, a municipal executive board and 12 advisory boards. The municipal executive board and 11 of the advisory boards have their own administrations that handle daily work.

Every four years, the residents of Kungsbacka vote for the parties that will take the 61 seats on the municipal council.

Municipal Council, KF

Politicians in the municipal council carry the greatest responsibility for municipal operations.

They make decisions about which goals the municipality shall have for social development, which services the residents and businesses shall receive and how funds in the municipality's budget shall be used.

The municipal council also checks that municipal operations are handled in a proper manner. They are helped by municipal auditors.

Municipal Executive Board, KS

Politicians in the municipal executive board plan, lead, and coordinate the municipality's operations. The municipal executive board carries out what the municipal council has made decisions about.

Political advisory boards

There are 12 political advisory boards in Kungsbacka municipality. The political advisory boards are each responsible for their own area of operations.

Most of the advisory boards have their own administrations that handle daily work:

  • Preschool and Elementary School
  • Upper Secondary School and Adult Education
  • Individual and Family Support
  • Culture and Recreation
  • Environmental and Health Protection
  • Building
  • Service
  • Technical/Mechanical
  • Healthcare and Welfare

The other three advisory boards are crisis management, elections, and guardianship. The municipal executive board handles their daily work.

In many matters, the politicians in the advisory boards make the critical decisions, while in other matters the decisions go to the municipal council and the municipal executive board for decisions there.

Certain politicians are also included in management groups and councils. Other politicians are municipal representatives in organisations and associations.

Politicians (in Swedish)


The municipal executive board and all of the advisory boards have administrative staff that handle daily operations involving administration and service to residents and businesses.

The municipal executive board's secretariat takes care of administration for the other three advisory boards; crisis management, elections, and guardianship.

Administration (in Swedish)