The municipality's work on digitalization

Our lives are becoming increasingly digital. In only a couple of years it has become completely normal for most of us to pay the bills online and stream our favourite music. During the same period many of our municipal services have also gone through the transformation from analogue to digital.

The question is no longer “shall we digitalize” but rather “how shall we digitalize” and “how do we scale up to create the best possible use for our citizens and businesses”. And in order to boost sustainable digital transformation – collaboration and a common target is the key! 

Learning through sharing 

Kungsbacka have been an associated member of Eurocities and the Knowledge Society Forum since 2016. This has allowed us to collaborate on a European level on several issues concerning digital transformation, both when it comes to sharing our own experiences and learning from of others.  

Building a smarter Kungsbacka with a citizen-centric approach 

European collaboration on digital transformation has been highlighted trough the political declaration “Join, Boost, Sustain - Declaration on joining forces to boost sustainable digital transformation in cities and communities in the EU”, which Kungsbacka has signed along with many other European cities.

At the heart of the declaration is a citizen-centric approach. In Kungsbacka we have based our new strategy for digital transformation on the “Join, Boost, Sustain declaration”. The strategy is called “Smarter Kungsbacka” and will provide the roadmap for digital transformation in the coming years.  

Read more about A smarter Kungsbacka - Kungsbacka municipality´s plan for digital development 2020–2022

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